Lychee, Mandarin, and Fresh Mint Fruit Salad

A fragrant salad made with perfumed lychees and zingy citrus.  Fresh lychees are best but if you have a can of  lychees gathering dust in the cupboard, this is the way to use them.

8                      Mandarins or fragrant citrus fruit

1lb or 2 tins     Fresh Lychees peeled or canned in syrup, drained, reserve the syrup

30g pack        Fresh mint leaves ( a generous handful) chopped

I                       lime

  1. First peel the mandarins. Then separate the segments and remove any fibrous strand of pith that may be hanging onto the segments.  Put the segments in a serving bowl and set aside.
  1. Peel and de-seed your lychees or  Open the lychee tins. Place a sieve over another bowl and drain the fruit from the syrup. Reserve the syrup.

3.  Add the fresh or drained lychees to the mandarin segments in the serving bowl.

  1. Drizzle a little honey or the drained syrup over the mandarin segments and lychees.
  1. Cut your lime in half. Squeeze one half over the fruit with your hands.

6. De-stem the mint and roughly tearthe leaves. Add to the salad and serve.

English: Litchi chinensis. Français : Litchi c...

English: Litchi chinensis. Français : Litchi chinensis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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