Fresh Strawberry Chocolates made in an ice-cube tray

Everyone seems to dip strawberries in chocolate fondues these days but it’s much more fun to hide the fresh strawberry inside the chocolate itself.  All you need is good quality dark chocolate, fresh strawberries and an ice-cube tray or chocolate mould.  I happen to have a silicone mould for heart shaped ice which works rather well.

1. Remove green leaves from the strawberries and leave whole or cut to size depending in the tray you need to fit them in.

2.  Melt your dark, high cocoa chocolate over a pan of hot water. (I used 180g for my chocs).

3. When the chocolate has become liquid pour 1/3 into your mould, add strawberries and cover over with more chocolate using a spatula.

4. Carefully place the mould in the fridge or if like me you cannot wait that long, whack them in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

5. Remove when set, and enjoy.  The only problem is that everyone eats them so fast you have to make another tray almost immediately so make a few at a time.  Mmm, the surprise of finding soft, fresh fruit within the crunch of dark chocolate lifts that strawberry flavour to new heights.

“Strawberries are the angels of the earth, innocent and sweet with green leafy wings reaching heavenward”
–  but so much better still, encased in chocolate.


6 thoughts on “Fresh Strawberry Chocolates made in an ice-cube tray

    • I use a high quality baking/cooking chocolate, with a high cocoa content and a hint of vanilla.This is dark chocolate but you can buy high cocoa content milk chocolate if you prefer.

  1. Natacha – this is a yummy idea – very clever to put them in ice cube trays. I’ve always just dunked the strawberry in the melted chocolate and then left it on a saucer – where half the chocolate sticks to the saucer. Hmmm. How could one incorporate alcohol ?- say brandy – (or what would you suggest) to lift these choccies to total adult yumminess.

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