What to do with Kids in Paris for Free

What to do in Paris with our two girls (9 & 10) in 24 hours (without spending a fortune)? Well, first we arrived and took them for an evening drive around the major sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de triumph before dumping the car and heading off for dinner. The next day we started at The Shakespeare Bookshop where we stocked up on reading matter in this extremely child-friendly classic literary hang-out. We followed this with a walk around Notre Dame and along the river. Then onto Luxembourg Gardens for a read, a picnic and a run in the extensive playground. The Pantheon came next, then a short siesta before an evening of window shopping and more food, a classic dinner at L’Ecurie (see previous blog post). Oh yes, and we finished the evening by popping into a little music bar near the restaurant where they allow would-be singers and musicians on an open mike. ¬†Musicians played or sung two songs and then it was onto the next. We stayed for an hour or so before meandering home.

The kids thought all the Parisian buildings “looked like palaces and castles” and enthused about the window displays in the food shops. They particularly loved the bakeries and cake shops. There is a Parisian craze (that has been going for some time) for delicately flavoured macaroons which the kids just adore. I think they like the surprise element as you never quite know what flavour you are going to savour as you bite into these little pastel coloured delights.

Macaroons – beloved by all the family

Chocolate Bars


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