Diana’s fountain in the gardens of Fountainebleau

We arrived home two weeks ago having done 4231 miles on the clock. On the way back we stopped off at the village of Bourron Marlot (more of that, in the another blog) but while we were there visited Fontainebleau, a beautiful town nestled in a forest and dominated by the vast Palace of Fontainebleau, which was the favourite hang out of Napoleon I and III (Versailles being too redolent of the Royals even though Fountainebleau was built by them too). We spent the morning in the market where the produce was as good as the South but a little more expensive.

I was intrigued by  the fishmonger’s Elizabethan attempt to ward off the smell of fish with oranges spiked with cloves.  In addition to fresh fish, fruit, meat and vegetables, there were many delicious ready made foods, or dishes one could finish up in the oven like pies and stuffed tomatoes.  We ended up buying bread, peaches and a delicious liquid cheese called St Felician du Dauphine.

Oranges spiked with cloves to perfume the fish

We sat in the palace Gardens of Diana where the fountain honours the staue of the Godess by surrounding her with four peeing dogs (a hilarious eighteenth century joke, no doubt. I can imagine the King showing this to his new guests,  doubled up with laughter in his powdered wig, while the servants rolled their eyes thinking ‘here we go again’ ). We were only mildly amused, as we dipped the bread in the unctuous cheese, but were happy people. We finished the day with some more foodie window shopping and a ride on the carrousel.


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