Pancake Day Hurray

Image 8
It’s pancake day tomorrow so I made a few this evening as we are up at dawn. I enjoy all kinds of pancakes from blinis to fat American style slabs with lashings of maple syrup and crispy bacon, but for pancake day I like traditional crepes with lemon and sugar. As we get up early I made some tonight, spread them with hummus and stuffed them with left-over roast chicken and fresh tomato salsa for the kids. Then added a squeeze of fresh lime juice.  It worked for us. I must do this more often.Image 7

I’ve tried many mixes over the years but this one achieves what I like, a rich pancake that remains pliable and paper thin. The trick is to melt the butter before hand and brush it onto the pan with a pastry brush before frying each pancake.  Keep the sugar in the recipe whether you make savoury or sweet fillings. The smaller the pancake the better, in my opinion, so I use a mini-frying pan about 10 cm across and this mix makes 10, so a larger pan would make 6.

butter 30g melted for brushing the pan

plain flour 100g

caster sugar 1 level tbsp

egg 1 large

egg yolk 1

milk 350ml

Melt the butter in a little pan or pot in the oven. Blend all the ingredients, except the butter and off you go! When cooked either stuff with savoury fillings or, by far the best way, serve with lemon juice and crunchy sugar.Image 9


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