Happy Dumplings in Brixton Market

IMG_0398There is something pure and nourishing about steamed dumplings.  These little purses of fragrant flavour bring out a feeling of well-being in me that verges on devotion.  A good dumpling makes me happy, which is why it was extremely appropriate to eat such perfect ones at ‘Happy Dumplings’ in Brixton Market.  IMG_0390I used to live in Brixton and the market was always a thriving centre of global foods but now it has become a centre for pop up restaurants too.

When I heard this, I couldn’t get there fast enough on our visit to London.  We went on a Sunday and the place was bustling with diners perusing the sumptuous choices on offer.IMG_0405IMG_0415

IMG_0407IMG_0409IMG_0406IMG_0419In between shoppers seeking out bargains in the many retro clothing stores.IMG_0408

And my favourite wet fish stall that introduced me to many an exotic species over the years was even open on a Sunday!IMG_0425

But back to dumplings, it was extremely hard to choose between all the bounty on offer but dumplings have my heart, and alerted by the red pompoms,  we stayed to eat.IMG_0391

The small shop also serves steamed dim sum,, noodles and  noodle soups but forget those and go for the Happy Dumplings – steamed fried or in soup.
IMG_0399I had steamed beef, which were delicately 5 spiced and came on a plate of fresh cucumber with choice of soy or rice vinegar to dip them in.  My husband had pork ones which were equally fine and the kids had an interesting dish of fried ‘prawns wrapped in chips’ which were wrapped like mummies in a kind of potato noodle that I have not come across before. They loved them.IMG_0400

All washed down with jasmine tea and the friendliest of staff.IMG_0394

A perfect little lunch and well worth a re-visit.

One of the unprepossessing entrances to Brixton Market's Alladin' s Cave of foodie wonders.

One of the unprepossessing entrances to Brixton Market’s Alladin’ s Cave of foodie wonders.


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