Exeter Street Food Market – April 2013

Image 15

Tacho Macho

At last, the street food market in Exeter has opened from Friday- Sunday every week. The Market surrounds the small 10th century church of St Pancras, in the middle of the Guildhall Shopping Centre.

English: St Pancras Church, Guildhall Shopping...

English: St Pancras Church, Guildhall Shopping Centre A small church in the heart of Exeter; of Saxon origin, still used for services and especially for private prayer and quiet. (Cited from the Small Pilgrim Places web site.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The church is tiny, only 46 feet long and 16 feet wide, and dates from 1191 with origins that go as far back as the Romans. It would once have stood  “without a church yard, tightly surrounded by stables, shops and houses in what was then described as Exeter’s British Quarter” so one hopes that the surrounding bustle of foodie commerce might bring this fascinating relic, now marooned between Mothercare and Claire’s Accessories,  some more notice.  Pop in before you buy your lunch.

It’s early days for this market and the large spaces between stands means you can miss stalls that are hidden around corners but start going there and more will come. Try Mexican Gus’s  ‘Taco Bowls’ filled with beef, chicken or fish and topped with lime, coriander, lettuce, feta, sour cream and tomato salsa for £4.97. Image 14or a plate of paella Image 13

Maybe, sample some pearl barley sushi

Image 12Image 10or gyozo dumplings with chilli sauce made by Larian and Jolly. They were tasty.Image 8


The Cosmic Wheels van was turning out delicious global treats like….
Image 27this tabouleh with grilled halloumi and garlic,yoghurt dressing.Image 23


I can recommend this guy below who makes yummy scallops and chorizo on rocket, to order, for a fiver

Image 24

or try his proper dinky fish and chips.Image 26

Then wash it all down with an invigorating coffee, roasted locally.Image 25


So next time you are in Exeter on a Friday or at the weekend, go down and support these guys. We want them to stay and we want more of them.






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