The Best Cream Tea in Devon

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In Dorothy Hartley’s book “Food In England” she gives this quote “Clowtyd crayme and nawe crayme put together is eaten more for a sensuall appetyte than for any good nouryshement.”

Clotted cream is just, well naughty, and what better way to eat it than with a perfect scone and strawberry jam. The absolute best cream comes from the rich pasturelands of Devon and my friend Emma Parkin was at the Exeter Food Festival when she heard that The Real Food Store in Exeter, where she makes the bread (and fabulous scones), had won the Best Cream Tea in Devon. Quite an accolade in a county where the cream tea is the most popular regional dish.

Emma Parkin on the right

Emma Parkin on the right

The clotted cream comes from from Riverford FarmImage 12And the strawberry jam is made by Lori on her pick-your-own farm ShuteFruit near Teignmouth.Image 10Traditionally, clotted cream is made by heating fresh cream gently overnight, after which the cream loses about 10% water and forms a thick folded crust. Once clotted the cream lasts about two weeks and an extra good crust can hold up to a pound in weight without breaking. The name probably originated from an ancient shoe-making term, ‘clout’, meaning a thick patch of wrinkly leather. It is still made using traditional methods and is sold all over Devon.

The Real Food Store and Cafe is owned by Exeter Local Food (video) which is a Community Benefit Society with over 300 members, one of the largest community-owned food enterprises in the country. The food they sell is seasonal, sustainable and local. Start with the cream tea, but while your there why not pick up some sour-dough bread, a bit of Ruby Red beef for the the barbeque, and some micro-brewery beer to wash it down. If you haven’t been there already, go and find it.

11 & 13 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JB
Telephone: 01392 681234 Email:

English: Riverford farm

English: Riverford farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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