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My love affair with our NutriBullet


This morning’s juice of spinach, cucumber, baby beetroot, strawberry, pineapple and banana.

A year has passed and I’m posting this again because my husband and I still share a green smoothie every morning and I’m glad I bought this little gizmo. Speed, that’s what I love about our NutriBullet. I used to have a juice extractor that took over an hour to produce one cup of juice – you had to chop the vegetables, ram the bits into a narrow feeder tube a little at a time, then take it apart and clean 8 different pieces with a toothbrush thingy. Ahhh! and you don’t even get the fibre. I sold it on Ebay with great joy. Now I make a fabulous fruit and veg smoothie every morning in about 30 seconds, with a nifty little machine that pulverises everything to such a smooth consistency I can suck it through a straw.


Spinach, blueberries, banana, apple, spouted seeds and flax.

I discovered the NutriBullet (sometimes called Magic Bullet) through watching, of all things, an info commercial. I caught my attention because I happened to be looking for a blender as mine had just broken.  The powerful professional blenders cost about £400 so this one, though still pricey, at £99 looked like a much better buy. In the commercial they claimed all sorts of wonderful curing properties but what interested me was it could break down the pulp, skin, stems and seeds of plants into tiny drinkable particles. I was not looking for a diet plan or a medical miracle, I could just see it would make nutritional sense to start the day with a tasty drink of raw vegetables and fruit mixed with water. I do mean tasty, I have no interest in making puritanical tasteless slurry, our smoothies taste delicious.


You place the cup on upside down, press down and twist to blend. It takes only a few tens of seconds.

It does exactly what it says on the packet. It makes lovely drinks in a few seconds and you can wash it under the tap in a few more. The design places the blades in the lid of a cup rather than the base of the machine so you twist in on and turn it upside down to blend and turn it back upright to unscrew and wash. Simple.


A tasty, healthy drink that includes all the fibre a vegetable juicer would remove.

The kit includes three cups (with handles and tight-fitting lids so you can take your drink away) a general blade, a grinding blade and a couple of booklets with recipes.Image

You can pulse it to make nutty, fruit bars.image

Use the grinder for spices or coffee beans.image

Pulse a bit more to create hummus or gazpacho in under a minute. imageor use it like any blender for soup, salsa, sauces and salad dressings. Morning banana milkshakes or fruit blends have become much more simple to make for the kids. Our vege mixes are taking a bit more persuasion, but I think they’ll grow into those and soft fruit like melon or ripe peaches scooped into the bullet without water becomes a sweet frothy and refreshing treat that has them clamouring for more.

So, all in all, this has been a positive boost to the family diet. A great way to start the day.image

My favourite morning drink:

I prefer to use spinach as the main ‘green’ with cucumber and a bit of celery. You can use kale, spring greens, chard, lettuce etc., but spinach is light in flavour and blends down well.

Fill 50% of the cup with spinach leaves and cucumber and a small amount of celery

Fill the other 50% up to the line with:

Apple, banana, blueberries/stawbs/rasps

Add a few flax seeds, or sprouts or alfalfa

Add nuts if you want more protein. Soaked almonds (soak them overnight in water and they taste like fresh milky nuts) are my favourite.

Add ginger if you want some extra zing.

Fill with cold water to the line and blend.

Hummus Recipe

2 cloves garlic

1 tin of organic chickpeas

1tsp sea salt

3 tablespoons of tahini

juice of two fresh lemons

A dash of water, about 2-3 tablespoons

Place all the ingredients in the short cup, top with the mixer blade and place in the NutriBullet. Pulse. But don’t over-pulse or it will be too runny. You want it to be course but well combined. Scrape out and serve.

Here is the info commercial which is rather painfully long but may be of interest – NutruBullet Info Commercial (press to link)  I cannot say it is ‘saving my life’! but it can’t be bad to get some good stuff into your diet everyday.

Pigeon Pie

Our neighbour, Jim, kindly left us three pigeons as a gift.



Pigeon pie!

Brown the pigeons in a hot pan. Remove to a heavy casserole and simmer in 500ml chicken stock and a good glug of white wine, with the lid on, until tender. Meanwhile sauté  3 chopped onions, carrots and garlic until golden and lightly browned.

When the pigeons are ready remove them from the pot and let them cool.

Run the stock through a sieve and return to the pot.

Turn up the heat, add the sautéed veg and cook them through, with the lid off, while reducing the stock. Add a splash more wine and a dash of cream. Season with salt and pepper.

When the pigeons have cooled remove the meat from the bones. Chop up the meat.

Place the meat, vegetables and reduced sauce into a pie dish. Add chopped parsley, a bay leaf and possibly some mushrooms if you have any around.

Cover with short crust pastry and brush with egg to give the pie a sheen. Don’t forget to make a hole in the pastry to let the steam out.

Place in a hot oven for about 35 minutes.

Serve with mash.