Wild Garlic Season is here again

Wild Garlic pasta pesto

Wild Garlic pasta pesto

It’s wild garlic season again, whoopie! I just ate a fabulous sandwich of local Devonian Curworthy cheese with a perfect accompaniment of garlic leaves.  Here are some more ideas of how to use this abundant spring herb.

Things to do with wild garlic:DSC_0021_9

Pesto – Whizz the leaves with pine nuts, grated Parmesan and olive oil to make pesto. Or add pancetta, and egg to make a variation of wild garlic carbonaraDSC_0032_4

Rice – Wild garlic risotto

Mash – Chop the leaves and mix them into mashed potato

Fish – Wrap the leaves around fillets of buttered trout and bake gently in the oven. The leaves also compliment smoked fish

Mayo – Chop the leaves into sour cream or fresh mayonnaise and use as a dip

Salad – Use whole leaves in salads and decorate with the flowers.

Sandwiches – Add the leaves to cheese or ham and mustard sandwiches.

Spinach – steam with spinach, I prefer to mix as they are a bit watery steamed alone.

Puree – puree with oil and use as a drizzle or dressing.

Scrambled eggs – chopped into creamy scrambled eggs, divine.

Butter – flavour softened butter with chopped leaves and harden in the fridge

Frittata – one of the best

Hummus – tahini, chickpeas, wild garlic

or try my wild garlic flower tempura

Wild Garlic Tempura

Wild Garlic Tempura

or use wild garlic instead of nettles in my gnocci recipe


Nettle/wild garlic gnocci




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