Apple Pressing Season


Our four apple trees had a bumper crop this year


Ten boxes, full, like this one and a few more still on the trees.10550991_10152372374521375_6065058142811030555_nYou wash ’em, cut ’em up and

13982_10152372374331375_1921477360589261322_nSCRAT ’em. We don’t have an apple-scratter yet so we utilised our garden shredder which is more usually used to shred up hawthorn hedge cuttings. Uncle Peter is doing the scrunching in this photo and wrote us a wonderful letter thanking us for his ‘enslavement’ afterwards.



Then you press ’em



Result! Delicious apple juice, and real Devon cider for the Summer. What fun a bit of fruit pressing can be. 10702066_10152372373586375_3479498821071662177_n


Apple juice ferments naturally with natural airborn yeast to make cider. To stop it fermenting, so you can keep your apple juice for a long time, you can add campden tablets which are available from brewery shops and some chemists.  We tend to drink it too quickly for that.


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