To Make A Tart Of Cherries

Fun with the cherry glut. Lady Fanny Truncheon’s recipe is delicious. Use a scant half glass of wine to a kilo of cherries, 1/2 a teaspoon each of the spices and sugar to taste ( 4-6 tablespoons) depending on the sweetness of the cherries.



A classic Paris bistro – L’Ecurie

Our road trip to Italy begins. We stop in Paris for 24hours. A friend recommended L’Ecurie a tiny old style bistro on 2 rue Laplace 5th arr. John has written an excellent and extensive website on Paris restaurants and more, which is well worth a visit if you come here to eat. L’Ecurie has a kitchen the size of three bath mats laid end to end but within that space they manage to fit a wood fired bread oven, a charcoal grill and a gas stove (for the sauces). We ordered the basic menu for 17 euros – country pâté with their own bread and divine aioli, steak and frites, local light wine and creme caramel, the kids had a trio of homemade ice creams (mango,passion fruit & black currant) perfect, unfussy local fare served by a jovial waiter and finished with a free glass of calvados.