Apple Pressing Season


Our four apple trees had a bumper crop this year


Ten boxes, full, like this one and a few more still on the trees.10550991_10152372374521375_6065058142811030555_nYou wash ’em, cut ’em up and

13982_10152372374331375_1921477360589261322_nSCRAT ’em. We don’t have an apple-scratter yet so we utilised our garden shredder which is more usually used to shred up hawthorn hedge cuttings. Uncle Peter is doing the scrunching in this photo and wrote us a wonderful letter thanking us for his ‘enslavement’ afterwards.



Then you press ’em



Result! Delicious apple juice, and real Devon cider for the Summer. What fun a bit of fruit pressing can be. 10702066_10152372373586375_3479498821071662177_n


Apple juice ferments naturally with natural airborn yeast to make cider. To stop it fermenting, so you can keep your apple juice for a long time, you can add campden tablets which are available from brewery shops and some chemists.  We tend to drink it too quickly for that.


Pipers Farm Sunday Lunch

Three years from field to plateIMG_3055-1

And well worth the wait.


Farmers and butchers producing grass-fed meat through sustainable methods of farming in Devon. Isn’t it gratifying when you find the best butcher in town!
What’s more, they deliver

Pipers Farm Butchers Shop, 57 Magdalen Road, Exeter, EX2 4TA


Saira Hamilton, Bengali MasterChef semi-finalist comes to Powderham Food Festival

??????????????????Saira appeared on TV’s MasterChef 2013, and reached the final four on the strength of her delicious Bengali-inspired food. She was praised for her gifts for spicing and packing flavour into every dish she made, both by John and Gregg and guest chefs such as Atul Kochhar during a day’s masterclass at his Benares restaurant.

At Powderham Food Festival she will be cooking paratha (unleavened flat bread) in the wood fired oven, roasting aubergines on the fire pits to make a smoky dip, and more. She will also be demonstrating her famously more-ish Masala lambs chops with fresh miint and coriander chutney. Yum, why don’t you try making them yourself? Just click on this link –Masala Chops for the recipe.

Saira has been cooking for as long as she can remember, mainly inspired by her mother, Nadira, who had the intuitive ability to take everyday ingredients and create an extraordinarily good meal. She has continued her mother’s traditions and uses the best of British produce combined with the spices and cooking techniques of her Bengali heritage to create fabulous fresh-tasting dishes which are achievable without specialist or hard-to-find ingredients. Her food philosophy is all about keeping it simple and is rooted in her love of good, home-cooked food which is made to be enjoyed and shared with friends and family. 

Meet her at Powderham Food Festival on 4th October at Powderham Castle, Kenton, nr Exeter, Devon.©Shine TV

BRONX Bar and Cue in Teignmouth coming to Powderham Food Festival

imagePatrick Fogarty visited twenty-one New York BBQ joints, the top hotdog hotspots and forty two craft beer and cocktail bars to sample their wares and learn their tricks before opening the Bronx Bar and Cue in Teignmouth. He and his wife, Dee Livingstone, already own another restaurant, The Lofty Turtle, in London but he has returned to his roots in Devon to create this little piece of BBQ and Smoke heaven in the seaside town.


Patrick is a trained Goldsmith, who worked for the Danish crown jewellers, Georg Jensen, and he now brings the same perfection and craftsmanship to his food. As we sat and ate the ‘Cue for Two”, he described the incredible processes that go into the brisket, which was just one of a cornucopia of BBQ specials laid out on a platter in front of us. Now, I think I’ve got this right. Firstly, the brisket is left overnight in a special rub, the next day it is injected with spices and a super reduced ‘jus’ made at the restaurant (a meat stock reduction that usually takes 2 days to produce) to keep it moist, then it’s cold smoked to lock in the smoky flavor, then basted with ‘mop’ sauce before another five hours in the smoker, and finally wrapped in baking parchment and cooked a low 100 degrees for 13 hours. Wow! I can attest that it tastes wonderful, melts in the mouth and zings with flavor that quietly turns to smokiness that lingers on the tongue. This is the result of real care and attention and it’s delicious.  From rubs- bastes -mother sauces- to slaws, beans and pickles and back to meat cooked long and slow with loads of smoke everything is prepared fresh at the Bronx to authentic BBQ recipes that have been rigorously tasted and tested. Even the buns are made to a special part-brioche mix by a local baker under the direction of Patrick.


‘Cue for Two” a great communal dining experience.

Fogarty grew up in Teignmouth and moved to London to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins school of Art, while studying he paid his way by working as a cocktail bartender in Mayfair and Soho graduating to manage some of London’s best nightclubs and private members clubs. He helped rebrand and re-launch the Smollensky’s restaurant group in London and worked as a drinks consultant on beer and spirits brands. before opening his first venture with his wife Dee in East Sheen. Back in Teignmouth he has turned his hand to  interior designer too, and has created the entire decor of the Bronx restaurant himself from putting the floors in to upholstering the seating and choosing light bulbs that give a nostalgic retro glow. It’s cool and funky.


The Bronx Bar & ‘Cue takes its inspiration from New York’s latest (and London’s emerging) trend that returns to an era of good honest, not to mention flavoursome, home cooked American fare where drinks and food are served with modern-day finesse in a decidedly old-school environment. The bar, which should definitely be mentioned here, looked perfect, with all those little super-bar touches such as stocking interesting aromatic bitters and unusual hand selected spirits. Alas, I came at lunchtime and missed out on his famous cocktail making skills. Next time.


Patrick Fogarty

Meet Patrick at the Powderham Food Festival on October 4th where he will be demonstrating in the ‘Theatre of Fire ‘n Smoke” and holding a Q&A session with the audience. Don’t miss it or the brisket, or the ribs.


The Menu – October 2014 – Always innovating, watch out for smoked chicken liver and interesting takes on traditional fare this Christmas.


They show old movies on this wall in the evening and soon will open another room upstairs for parties and live music.

BRONX Bar & Cue, 10 Regent St, Teignmouth, TQ14 8SJ tel 01626 777909